Kwality Surgical is a subsidy of Hope Pharma established in 2006. Kwality surgical is a well-known and leading Medical disposables Importer, Distributor and Government supplier in Pakistan. Our main objective is to provide different medical options for the poor patients who cannot afford expensive medical procedures. We are providing all types of surgical disposable items along with implantable medical devices used in the major medical procedures in the operation theaters. We have started operations from Faisalabad to Punjab level with the portfolio of surgical disposable products; we deal retail as well important hospitals and institutions. Currently we are dealing with some world renowned medical disposable companies as their sole agent for Pakistan.

Today Kwality Surgical enjoys the trust of world class manufactures. Now a day’s KS is a renown distributor for Pakistan and in the near future we hope the business of the company will expand to the entire Asian region because Kwality Surgical always believes in continuous and ongoing progress to serve the humanity without border limits because after all “Life is Precious” and “Health for all”.